Below is a list of slide decks that NEED has developed. The list includes both those that are finished and available for presentation and those that are in progress.

We welcome requests for other topics by potential audiences.

It should be noted that this list is not a complete list of topics that will be covered by NEED. The list of topics will expand as resources become available for their development.
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Finished Presentations

Title Summary Sample Slides More Information
Climate Change Economics Summary Download Climate Change Economics
Trade and Globalization Summary Download Trade and Globalization
Economic Inequality Summary Download Economic Inequality
The U.S. Safety Net Summary Download The U.S. Safety Net
Economics of Immigration Summary Download Economics of Immigration
Minimum Wage Summary Download Minimum Wage
US Economic Update Summary Download US Economic Update
Autonomous Vehicles Summary Download Autonomous Vehicles
Federal Debt Summary Download Federal Debt
Health Care Economics Summary Download Health Care Economics
Coronavirus Economics Summary Download Coronavirus Economics
The Black-White Wealth Gap Summary Download The Black-White Wealth Gap

Presentations In Progress

Title   Summary
Regional Inequality   Summary
2017 Tax Bill   Summary
CrisisEconomics   Summary
U.S. Federal Budget   Summary
Entrepreneurship   Summary
Cryptocurrencies   Summary
Housing Economics   Summary
Economics of Gun Safety   Summary
Economics of Substance Abuse   Summary
Economic Mobility   Summary
Economics of Poverty   Summary
Digital Trade and Digital Protectionism   Summary
Trade Policy and Low Income Workers   Summary
Higher Education   Summary
Risk and Resources in Retirement   Summary
Trade Wars   Summary
Racial Disparities   Summary
Discriminatory Policies   Summary
Poverty   Summary
Gender Pay Gap   Summary
Infrastructure Economics   Summary
Monetary Economics   Summary
Monetary Policy   Summary
Trade Deficits and Exchange Rates   Summary
International Institutions   Summary

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