NEED maintains a catolog of presentations for use by Delegation members. The presentations are also generally available to the public. When Delegation members give presentations under the NEED banner, their presentation is posted on this website. Click the "Presentation Catalog" for raw presentations and a document with a set of references for each presentation. Click the "Sample Presentations" button for a list of presentations given under the NEED banner.

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Presentation Policy and Development

The process for assembling presentations is generally led by a single individual. Oversight of a presentation on any specific topic will be achieved by calling on members of the Advisory Board who have some expertise in the field. The result of this effort will be two pieces of material: a PowerPoint presentation and a supporting document. The supporting document will provide a narrative for the presentation as well as a list of references and source materials for the contents of the slides.
The presentations developed by NEED undergo a rigorous review process to ensure that they adhere to the following core principles:

Fact based

Outline of Review Process

NEED presentations go through a rigorous review process before they are made available to the general public or to delegates for their use in speaking engagements. Here is an outline of the review process:

  • First, a volunteer team of NEED delegates produces an outline of the planned content: a narrative for the presentation. I will provide guidance and early input to speed the process. The narrative will include a comprehensive list of references for its content.
  • Once the narrative is written, two members of the Advisory Board will review the content. Whenever possible, these reviewers will be purposefully chosen as well-known economists with different perspectives on the issue in question.
  • The volunteer team, and NEED organizers will then incorporate feedback from the Advisory Board to craft a draft presentation. The subject matter team will be involved in this process, but there will also be a graphic/presentation specialist doing the hard work.
  • Fourth, NEED delegates and members of the Advisory and Honorary Boards will be given the opportunity to review and weigh-in on the presentation once more during an open-comment period.
  • Fifth, materials will be edited appropriately, reflecting a general consensus on the appropriateness of the materials.

Once there is a general consensus within the NEED community that the presentation passes muster, it will be made available to the delegates as source material for public presentations by any and all NEED delegates and Board members.

Delegates making presentations and using the NEED name will be asked to adhere closely to the spirit of the NEED presentation. That spirit is one of presenting consensus where there is a demonstrated consensus among economists and outlining the various opposing views on the topic where there is no consensus. The delegates will be required to send a copy of their given presentations back to NEED for posting on the NEED website.


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