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One day, the public discussion of policy issues will be grounded in an accurate perception of the underlying economic principles and data.


NEED unites the skills and knowledge of a vast network of professional economists to promote a nonpartisan understanding of the economics of policy issues in the United States.

The Economics Profession Reaches Out!

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Building Economic Policy Literacy

The National Economic Education Delegation (NEED) is an educational non-profit committed to empowering voters and future voters by giving them the information they need to critically evaluate and respond to economic claims as they pertain to pressing economic policy questions.

Our Services

NEED delegates all over the country are poised and ready to provide FREE presentations on a wide variety of economic policy topics. See a list of topics here.

NEED offers a platform through which recognized professional economists collaborate to create and deliver presentations that reflect consensus understanding on a variety of policy issues, and a discussion of alternative perspectives where it does not. Economists often share consensus on the relevant tools and data, but not which tradeoffs are worth making. Economics is capable of providing great insight into a host of policy issues, but weighing the tradeoffs is up to individuals and collectively society when choosing between policy options.

NEED gives individuals access to the data and information necessary to understand the tradeoffs inherent in solutions to today’s pressing economic policy questions.

These presentations are designed for a wide variety of audiences: trade unions, labor unions, business associations, high school classrooms and university campuses, and governmental staff and political leaders. These presentations are not political, but provide insight into the economics underlying a variety of policy issues.

NEED works with partner organizations to provide workshops that will train qualified individuals to give presentations. These workshops are designed to provide economic policy insight to high school teachers or community leaders who wish to improve the content of their lectures.

NEED delegates are available to provide one-on-one consultations with government officials, business leaders, labor leaders, and others. These consultations will generally focus on policy issues that are addressed by NEED presentations.

NEED delegates will provide brief summaries of pressing policy issues. These pieces will focus on current nuances of long-standing policy issues. Read our blogs here.

These are small affairs whereby a friend of NEED gathers a group of their friends for a virtual discussion of one of NEED's topics. These seem to be a popular item, so CONTACT ME AND SCHEDULE yours now! Yes, they are free of charge. Here is a video of our last one: Jesse Stoner's Cocktail Party. Coronavirus Economics has been a popular topic, though by no means the only one. View a list of recent private parties here.

Our Specialization: Presentations providing objective analyses of economic policy issues.

NEED is a California non-profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service #82-3318417

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